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Liquid biopsy research center

Our mission

The UCSD Center for Liquid Biopsy is created to transform liquid biopsy-based disease diagnosis and personalized treatment. We develop and validate disease biomarkers based on circulating cell-free RNA, extracellular DNA, proteins, metabolites, and extracellular vesicles. We develop technologies for sensitive detection and accurate quantification of candidate biomarkers from body fluids. We combine these technologies with single-cell analysis of PBMC and circulating tumor cells and validate these biomarkers with clinical cohorts.

Alzheimer's Disease

Using early detection of Alzheimer's disease as our flagship project, we aim to accurate blood-based diagnosis. Clinical collaborators: UCSD ADRC, UCI MIND.

Breast cancer

We aim for improving early detection, prognosis, and immunotherapy therapy of breast cancer. Clinical collaborator: UCSD Moores Cancer Center.


We aim for development of none invasive tests for improving embryo selection during in vitro fertilization.


Predicitive models on personal response to immunotherapy by understanding single-cell behavior.

We welcome postdocs and professionals at all career stages!

To apply, please send application to Sheng Zhong, lab information.

We welcome clinical and basic science collaborators!

For new collaboration please contact: Sheng Zhong

We are located at:

Powell Focht Bioengineering Hall 384

9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0412

La Jolla, CA 92093-0412

Center director

Sheng Zhong, Professor of Bioengineering

Email: szhong{a%t}ucsd.edu

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